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Conveyor System

Belt Conveyor
Belt conveyor is supporting equipment of brick production line equipment. Belt conveyor can economic and efficient to delivery various of materials. In industrial production, belt conveyor can be used for continuous production link among production machinery equipment, to realize production process continuity and automation, increase productivity and reduce labor intensity. Belt conveyor belt movement according to the friction drive principle, has the characters of large conveying, long distance transport, transport smoothly etc. Between material and conveyor belt no relative motion, low noise, simple structure, convenient maintenance, less energy consumption, components standardized etc, and thus belt conveyor is widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, casting, building materials etc industries transportation and production flow line and hydro power station construction site, port and other production department, used to transport loose material or whole subjects, according to the conveying process requirement, can be single delivery, but also many sets of belt conveyor composition or and other transport equipment composition level or inclined conveying system, in order to meet different arrangement forms of production line need.

We are manufacturing 2 size of belt conveyor

* 22 ft. Conveyor Belt.
* 33 ft. Conveyor Belt.

Belt Conveyor - Technical Data

Rating outing capacity350L
Aggregate max diameterscree/gravel60/40
Agitator shaft speed28r/min
Lay down material fashioncrossing outing material
Main engineY160L—4 15KW
Gross weight3100kg
Pump engine0.75KW
Exteriors size2528x2525x3814
Hydraulic pressure system working force10-12MPa
Transport size2345×2525×2660MM
Production technical parameterW 450MM
Speed of the belt conveyor1.25m/s
Transportcapacity60T/ H
Rate of deceleration1 40
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