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JDC 350 Mixer Machine

JDC 350 Mixer Machine
JDC 350 Mixer Machine

JDC 350 Mixer Machine

This Mixers are all Shaft Mixers, you can Mix Concrete Materials in this Mixers, This Mixers has different Capacity in Different Models mixers. These Mixer has unique Twin Shaft Technology. The first choice of heavy-duty concrete product producers, Horizontal Shaft Mixers are recognized for their quality output and durable, This types of mixers are known for long life operation.these types of mixers, Now available with spiral blades or paddles for wet or dry materials. These Types of mixers are well known all over the world for high quality and smoothness of material mixing. all the specification of this types of mixers are mentioned bellow.

JDC 350 Mixer Machine - Technical Data

Charging Volume560
Discharging Volume350
Production Capacity>20
Maximum Grain Sizes if Aggregate60/40
Electric Motor Power For Mixing15
Electric Motor Power For Windlass4.5
Overall Dimension (L*W*H)2600×2600×3100
Weight Of The Whole Machine3000
Weight Of The Whole Machine1000
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